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Mountain View Christian Academy is proud to have a continuously growing selection of different activities that take place in and out of the classroom. 

Check out the different options below and reach out with questions today. 

School Culture

It is important in our school that character be developed. We believe that working together outside of our peer groups helps with that development. We incorporate positive relationships with each other through our Reading Buddy times, encouraging the special connection between our Grade 5/6 and Pre-K classes, and our school-wide house teams, where students work together to get points so that they can get their team on the  A Ward Cup at the end of the year.


Spiritual Emphasis Week

Every Spring, MVCA hosts a week of in-depth spiritual teaching. Pastors and teachers from local churches come and speak on the focus for that year. 

Last year, our focus was the Fruit of the Spirit. 


Plays and Pageants

Every year, MVCA is proud to put on our Christmas Pageant. This year, we had a Love Come Down Christmas Special.


Field Trips

Going together as a school on field trips is a part of what makes our school special. In the fall, the students enjoy going swimming and skating and in the winter, everyone has the opportunity to go to Shames Mountain to ski, snowboard or tube.

Life Skills

Life Skills class encompasses Shop, Woodworking, Gardening and Wood-burning. We desire to teach our students beyond the basic academics and to give them skills that will take them through life as they mature and grow.



Grades 7 and 8 spend a semester to learn coding, and to hone and develop skills in robotics. 


High School Camp Out

Every September and June, our High schoolers have a chance to go on a campout to make memories that last a lifetime. Each trip is filled with games, fellowship and worship. The time in September gives the students opportunities to build relationships that hopefully will build over the school year, and the time in June gives them a chance to end the year on a high note together.


Archery Week

Every year, in the Spring, our whole school has the opportunity to learn the art of archery. During the week, each class takes time each day to practice their skills and at the end of the week, there is a tournament. This a highlight at the end of the year!

Community Service

A huge part of our school culture is serving and looking out for others. We seek to live that out practically by doing yard work for seniors, helping people move and anything else that comes to our attention.

Science Fair

In the Spring, we take a day as a school to share with one another what we have discovered and learned while doing our experiments. This gives an opportunity for students to practice their presentation skills and pique their interest in the world of science.

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Barkerville Trip

Every other year, Mrs. Johnson takes the students from grades 4 & 5 on a trip to Barkerville. This trip gives the students the opportunity to see some of BC's history in action.

Media Design

This is a new course that MVCA offers. The students will learn about videography and editing through professional editing softwares.

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